Matt Badialli’s explains freedomchecks

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding freedom checks. One of the reasons for this is few people understand what freedom checks are. The other reason is that the profits seem to be too good to be true. Matt Badiali, the editor of Real wealth strategist recently posted a video online explaining what freedom checks are. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Freedom checks are a result of America’s attempt to grain freedom in energy production. To encourage more companies to trade in oil and gas, the government has come up with a way to exempt them from tax. Statute 26 F allows these companies to operate tax free if they agree to give investors freedom checks. However, this benefit only applies to companies that get 90% of its revenue from oil and gas.

Freedom checks work the same way shares do. Companies that issue them out give distributions monthly or quarterly. These distributions are similar to dividends shareholders receive. There are differences between the two though. Freedom checks give a much higher return compared to shares because the company is not taxed. The other difference is, the investors do not have to pay tax on their distributions. The distributions are treated as return of capital, not income. In the event an investor decides to sell, he or she pays the lower capital gains rate.

Buying freedom checks is just as easy as buying any company’s stock. Currently, there are over 300 companies that issue freedom checks. In his newsletter, Real Wealth Strategist, Matt Badialli gives the names of these companies. He also offers his readers insight on which company to invest in and how to go about it. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badialli is a geologist and respected investor. He got his undergraduate degree in earth sciences from Penn State University. He got his master’s degree and PHD in geology from Atlantic University and the University of North Carolina. While doing his PHD, a friend studying for his PHD in finance introduced him to the world of finance. Matt Badialli was to help him come up with a way of helping people invest in minerals and oil. Badialli’s knowledge in geology would be helpful in explaining the profitability of minerals to clients.

Today, Mr Badialli is a contributor to Bayan Hill Publising. Bayan Hill is a publication that is dedicated to educating the masses on issues of finance. It also gives investment insights to investors. Watch: