Mark Sparks Inspires Entrepreneurial Ingenuity

One would find it nearly impossible to name a businessman both as selfless and successful as Marc Sparks. A venture capitalist and entrepreneur to boot, Sparks currently operates out of Texas. He is an experienced earner who has never once taken his station in life for granted. While celebrated for his accomplishments, he loves nothing more then to give back to his community.

His experience in the business world is undisputed, nor is his knack for inspirational invective. He has and continues to generate portfolio companies alongside other entrepreneurial collaborators in his private equity firm located in the city of Dallas.

Known largely for running Timber Creek Capital, Marc Sparks is veteran owner of a slew of successful and diverse business operations. He has worked not only in investing but also real estate and telecommunications. His knowledge of the ladder was garnered via working with companies such as Blue Jay Wireless and Splash Media.

Furthermore, the most important thing a venture capitalist can possess is an eye for potential and no one can spot budding, lucrative business talent like Marc Sparks.

One component of this ability that is not to be overlooked is his innate faith in each individual’s capacity to realize their dreams and thus achieve success. He knows how to nurture talent, as well as how to bring the best out of people. Marc Sparks exudes self-confidence, which is in many ways a reflection of his belief in others.

He uses his own inner strength to bring the best out of people, to help them realize their own aspirations and make their dreams a reality. Marc Sparks details his business philosophy in his best selling book, ‘They Can’t Eat You’, which has proved to be massively inspirational to readers around the globe.

The encouraging and enigmatic businessman has never been afraid to think outside of the box. His philosophy preaches innovation over static, uninspired thought.

He is a man of his community, who sees the overall potential to foster positive social growth. Most recently, Marc Sparks has created an entrepreneurial initiative entitled ‘Spark Tank’ alongside longtime partner, Lynee Sipiora. The ingenious idea behind ‘Spark Tank’ offers five-thousand dollars to social service executives to craft a plan that benefits community. Read more: Marc Sparks – AngelList and Who Is Marc Sparks?

Through ‘Spark Tank’ people are generating communal programs built around selfless concepts. In other words, it demonstrates, on a large scale how people can help themselves by helping others, thus manifesting greater positive social change, a simple idea with the potential to change the way business is done forever.

Marc Sparks and his colleagues are promoting a truly sustainable kind of capitalism, inspiring entrepreneurs to invest not only in themselves, but in a greater good.

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