Magical, Mystical Makeup with Doe Deere

Lime Crime is a unique make up company founded by Doe Deere. She began her journey as a fashion designer and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Eventually, she would drop out of school and begin her own online fashion company. She began selling her items on eBay in 2004 and was met with success. During her fashion shoots, she found it hard to find the colors of makeup that she liked. She then began making her own shades to correspond with her outfits and Lime Crime was created.


Doe, has always loved being creative and has a passion for fairy tales, funky colors and makeup. Her brand consists of cruelty-free cosmetics and reflects her love for all animals. The company mascot is a unicorn and her makeup is full of sparkle, pop and glitter. She creates her shimmery colors with her vivid imagination. Learn more:


She began her collection with eye shadow, blush, glitter, primers and brushes and her line was launched in 2008. She has never looked back. She promoted her makeup line by blogging about makeup tutorials and offering online giveaways. Her makeup line has a huge following on Instagram and has become a lucrative endeavor. Her line has expanded and now includes Vegan hair coloring products with colors like bunny and chocolate cherry. Her lip glosses are luscious and come in colors like angel’s breath and cloud 9. She has also added chromatic nails to her line, available in lizard and camel. These products are available in delicious, palatable colors.


Doe, is a smart business woman and has a vision for the future of her company. She is always creating new colors and themes for her upcoming lines. She is inspired by fantasy, subculture and mythical creatures. She loves to create colorful, exciting and daring palettes. She also draws inspiration from books. Her favorite book is “War Paint: Madame Helena Rubinstein and Miss Elizabeth Arden: Their Lives, Their Times, Their Rivalry” By Lindy Woodhead. She is also a fan of Karl Lagerfeld.


Since Doe, launched her cosmetic line, she has had continued success. She owes her success to believing in her vision and her customer. She gives back and supports Girls Inc., HOLA for kids and LA Sanctuary for Families to name a few. She embraces social media and knows how to ignore the haters. She will continue to make magical makeup and keep us all looking beautiful for years to come.