Lifeline Screening is Ahead of the Competition in the Journey

Lifeline Screening is a health company that focuses on testing individuals to examine any cardiovascular health issues before it is too late. Over half a million Americans die each year from cardiovascular disease, and statistics show that it is the number one cause of death among both men and women in America. Thanks to Lifeline Screening, there is now a way to foresee these health issues and take charge of them, allowing individuals to live a healthier lifestyle.

In one of their recent studies, it was found that people were more inclined to start making dietary and lifestyle changes once they underwent testing, regardless of the result. This awareness assists in the overall mission Lifeline Screening has embarked on, as they continue to highlight the importance of knowing what is going on with your body on a frequent basis. Heart disease is a condition that can grow for a long time before individuals began to feel or see any effects from it, so it is imperative that people get screened. Since beginning in 1993, Lifeline Screening has focused on these tests and have succeeded in great amount. Although many Americans are aware that a good diet can help them greatly in the long run, they simply just are not motivated to embark on the journey of healthy living. As noted by their recent study, many of the participants felt inclined and motivated to begin eating and living healthier. Those that were found to be in the abnormal or severe testing pool were inclined to refer to their doctors suggestions and take any medication prescribed. In terms of screening, there are three main types of tests that are done:

Finger Stick Blood Tests- the most common testing, blood tests are essential in determining cardiovascular health among individuals.

UltraSound Screenings- Another effective method in detecting cardiovascular issues is through the use of Ultrasound screenings, as Lifeline utilizes advanced Ultrasound technology.

Electrocardiograph- Also known as an EKG, Electrocardiograph testing is great for detecting patterns in the heartbeat that may seem irregular or out of place.

Healthy living is essential for all Americans in an effort to combat disease, and Lifeline Screening is ahead of the competition in the journey.

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