Ken Goodgame Changes the Game

Ken Goodgame works with the major corporation True Value. The company is special in that it does have leadership but it also relies on the distributors in areas around the country to make sure that they are doing the right thing for all of the clients that they have no matter where they are located.

When it comes to being successful, Goodgame has always been that way. He has worked to make sure that he is doing the best for the company that he works for and has seen a lot of success in his time. This has allowed him to be better in his career and has given him a chance to make things better for the people that he works with. Ken makes sure to always promote a great leadership and promises that he will include everyone in on the success that he has planned for the companies that he works with.

When True Value first appointed Kenneth Goodgame, they knew that it was a great decision. They saw him as someone who was going to be able to do a lot for the business and they hoped that it would work well for them and him. This allowed them the chance to make True Value better and gave Goodgame a chance to make things better for himself. The company wanted to use him for all of their leadership and this gave them a chance to make everything better for everyone that they did business with.

While Ken Goodgame has made a lot of success for True Value, he does not plan on stopping anytime soon. He wants to do different things with the company and wants to take it to a completely different level. He knows that he will be able to do a lot with the company if only he is able to change things around. He plans to work with the rest of the leadership team that is at True Value to be able to improve things for the business, the employees and even with the many clients that they have around the United States.

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