Kate Hudson Seeks Loyal Customer Base with Fabletics

Fabletics is the athleisure brand that has taken off in a major way. It is hotter than Kate Hudson probably would have ever imagined, and Fabletics is the company that is providing many people with these types of clothing products. Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics, and she is very excited about what her brand is doing. The concept of athleisure clothing has become so big, however, that everyone is trying to get in on this market. This includes Amazon.


Kate Hudson is not a rookie to the business anymore, but she does still have a lot of learning to do. She is excited about the growth that is available through her transition from the active role into the business world. She has not totally given up acting, but she does realize that she has to spend a considerable amount of time in the business in order to bring the profits that she needs. She knows that Amazon is a huge competitor, and she is making a name for herself by building a company that will still be in existence in 20 to 30 years.


Hudson knows that in order to do this she has to gain a level of confidence that comes from a high level of repeat business. This is what she is working so hard with the subscription service. She is hoping that many of her fans that sign up for the subscription service will tell others and continue to get automatic shipments of clothing each month from Fabletics. This is where a large percentage of her revenues are found.


Amazon has not implemented this type of strategy just yet, but it is not impossible for a company such as this to consider subscription services if this is the only way to successfully compete with brands like Fabletics.


It is interesting to see how Kate Hudson is making moves and building a strategy to compete against other companies that have started promoting athleisure. Fabletics is the company that has promoted this harder than any other companies out there, but there are competitive forces that are coming against Kate Hudson. Amazon appears to be one of the most daunting players in the game. It is a much bigger company than Fabletics, but Kate Hudson has not been deterred about going forth in any way.


She has managed to take this company to a point where the evaluation for Fabletics is more than a billion dollars. That says a lot about her efforts in promoting the brand on her own. She has appeared in the commercials, and she has talked actively about the brand to magazines like Marie Claire. Hudson is doing everything in her power to bring this brand to a massive audience and develop a loyal following. She is not interested in simply getting a one-time sale. She wants a customer base of consumers that want to patronize Fabletics on a regular basis. This is what makes her subscription service for Fabletics so unique to consumers.