Jason Hope; the mind behind the Internet of Things

Jason Hope thinks that the internet of things is the ultimate new upsurge of advancement to ever be in the technological industry. This is the ability to allow two technological devices to sync with one another. Thus, summarizing the power of devices to sync using the same network and sharing of data to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. He further explains that this technology has the power to alter the way through most businesses operate totally. This stands to become the biggest advancement technology in the technological world for many years to come. Major players in the world economy are commencing to embrace the technology thus managing to stay ahead of other companies that are still sluggish in their technology. Mr. Hope predicts that the competition is going to grow fiercely as the companies try to outwit one another with new apps to help consumers engage with their daily lives using their devices.

In the business world, the internet of things is making it possible for rapid advancements in automation and analytics, therefore, reducing the cost of production. This makes manufacturing of new things possible due to the low production costs. Europe is fast adapting to this technology than their American counterparts. The major merit of this technology is that the manufacturer combine sensors with analytic tools that will enable them to monitor the production processes at every step.

Jason Hope entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist who is well established when it comes to technology. He came from Temple in AZ but earned his degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also got his MBA from the college’s W.P Carey School of Business. His passion in technology has seen him kick off his career through the creation of a mobile communication company by the name of Jawa. His positive entrepreneurial spirit has seen him provide grants to innovative thinkers with ideas he thinks can change the world.

Mr. Hope advises entrepreneurs always to keep their minds on the bigger picture and let their fresh ideas be accessible to many people as possible. He enjoys spending his time at his foundation, The Sense Foundation which focuses on developing the anti-aging technology. Lastly, he thinks that people need to surround themselves with influential and passionate individuals to assist them to develop their business during difficult periods.