Investment Guru Paul Mampilly Prediction about Bitcoin is Coming True

The rise in the value of cryptocurrencies has forced investors to consider it to be one of the best avenues for investments. The price of Bitcoin has increased drastically in the past year, and it has forced many people to invest in it thinking they too can get those kinds of returns. But, there are experts such as Paul Mampilly who believes that Bitcoin is a bubble and when it does pop, it will lead to great losses. The price of Bitcoin has already started to decline, and thus, Paul Mampilly warns his clients against investing in them. He advises people to invest in technology instead that is only growing and will continue to grow. Read more about Paul on

Paul Mampilly is known as one of the most successful investors and financial analysts in the United States with experience of nearly three decades. As a banker and a hedge fund manager, the track record of Paul Mampilly has been nothing short of remarkable over the years. Paul Mampilly had ensured that no matter where he works, he leaves the institution in better shape than when he joined.

At the time he joined Kinetics Asset Management as an investment portfolio manager, the firm managed assets worth close to $6 billion. However, by the time he left Kinetics Asset Management, the firm was handling assets worth more than $25 Billion. After working for several years for some of the top financial institutions in the country, Paul Mampilly felt a bit hollow working for only the top one percent affluent people in the country. He wanted to contribute to the lives of the common American people and thus, chose to become the chief editor of Banyan Hill Publishing.


Paul Mampilly is also the founder and the owner of the highly reputed newsletter by the name of Profits Unlimited. It is one of the most recognized financial newsletters in the country and has more than 90,000 members subscriber to it, and counting. Paul Mampilly aims to help people recognize stocks that are still in its primitive stage, but has a bright future ahead. Many stocks have entered the mainstream market that is not affordable for common middle class people anymore such as Facebook, Exxon Mobile, Apple, and others. Profits are made by the people who have bought the scripts mentioned above at the right time, and it is what Paul Mampilly helps people recognize at the right time. Learn more about Paul on