IAP Worldwide Raises The Bar For Corporate Responsibility

Ingenuity and purpose are not only key words describing the mission of IAP Worldwide; those words were selected for the company’s name. IAP Worldwide provides a variety of services ranging from government to expeditionary infrastructure. Their services are performed to the highest standards of corporate responsibility, as any passing observer could glean from taking a peek at the work history of their team members: 30% of IAP Worldwide employees are veterans. It because of this, and the competitive pay and benefits IAP Worldwide offers its employees that the company was rightfully recognized by G. I. Jobs magazine as being a Top 100 Military Friendly Employer.

IAP Worldwide’s environmental commitment is also apparent in their business practices; each of their buildings are LEED certified by the United States Green Building Council and a focus on environmental impact is present in every one of IAP Worldwide’s projects. This sets a tremendous example for businesses on prnewswire.com that continue to erect buildings without taking in mind the environmental impact their chosen location or materials could have.

Charity and community are also driving forces behind IAP Worldwide–recently, the United Way of Brevard surpassed its fundraising goal by 80% thanks to the help of IAP Worldwide members, who volunteered their services in the United Way of Brevard’s literacy campaign and assisted in raising $45,000 to the United Way’s goal.

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Behind their numerous accomplishments, achievements and accolades, there are IAP’s core principles. The company’s overall ethic and its employees’ impressive aptitude have been visibly demonstrated by IAP to their partners, employees and all who have worked with the company time and time again. Readers can check IAP’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct to receive the full impression of the rigorous standard to which the company holds itself. At the core however, IAP keeps four principles close to its heart:

* Focus, particularly on the mission of their partner or customer.

* Agility in executing solutions and problem solving.

* Capabilities inherent to the company that set it apart from its competitors.

* Commitment to integrity and to the value of any and all input.

IAP’s strict adherence to their values is the main factor when assessing why the company has remained so successful for over 60 years, and serves as a lesson of integrity and will to similar companies.

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