How the OSI Group Learned To Embrace Change

Everyone knows that change is not easy but unfortunately it appears to be one of the most consistent variables that we have in life. Everything is influx and individuals, groups, organizations and even businesses must learn to cope with this. For instance the market conditions that existed when a company first launched and that propelled it to success might no longer exist. Accepting and embracing that tools and techniques that were once guarantors of success are no longer effective can be very difficult for some businesspeople and executives to accept however it is an unfortunate reality. That said there is one company in the food and beverage sector that has steadily learned how to embrace and co-exist with change rather than fight it. That company is the mid-western firm OSI Group.

The OSI Group once began as a small company that sold meat at the beginning of the 20th century to consumers in Illinois to being a company that employs tens of thousands of people who work in its plants and offices that are spread out across the world. A company like OSI Group does not stay successful for more than 100 years by being resistant to change. Rather it stays successful by being open to it.

The OSI Group itself has changed many times throughout its history. After it was launched as a family business by its founder Otto, it eventually grew to be a domestic meat supplier that delivered its products to a popular restaurant chain that would go on to become quite successful. After conquering the domestic market with regard to the meat supply space the OSI Group would go on to transform itself from a family business into a formidable player in the global food supplier space. Today the OSI Group has developed such capabilities as research and development of food products, food process engineering and quality assurance in which it takes great pains to ensure that the products that it supplies to its customers meet the highest quality standards.

Just two years ago the company was named as one of the leading food companies in America by the trade magazine Food Engineering Magazine. OSI Group was among other companies on the list such as Campbell, Nestle US, Carlsberg Group and General Mills. As Food Engineering Magazine noted OSI Group has crafted its strategy to enable it to remain competitive in an international marketplace that is constantly transforming itself and being transformed by new players and variables.

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