How the Combined Properties in WEN by Chaz Help Nourish and Restore Hair

A young woman decided to keep track of the results she experienced from using the fig version of the Wen hair cleansing conditioner. She wrote about the results she saw as she used the QVC advertised product, and then posted them online to Bustle. Her article starts by telling readers how she could actually feel her hair having more thickness as she worked the cleansing conditioner into her hair for the first time. This was at a time of day when her hair was already showing signs of being greasy and frizzy. She did not have time to use the product on day two, but was back to it on day three and every day after for the rest of the week. She states how she loved the way her hair looked and felt even after blow drying it.
A Complete System

Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN, was familiar with the types of issues most people had with their hair. As a stylist at a prestigious salon in Bel Air, Mr. Dean understood the need for a better way to cleanse the hair. He decided to develop a product that would not remove the essential oils from the hair and scalp. By doing this, the hair was left in better condition after cleansing. He also added botanical extracts to help repair some of the damage done by styling and coloring.

WEN by Chaz is promoted on sephora as a cleansing conditioner because it combines the properties found in shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and even deep conditioning products. By combining all of these properties in one product people obtain better results. The nourishing ingredients in WEN makes the hair look and feel healthier even after one use. The combined properties also makes it easy for people to cleanse, condition and restore their hair using one basic product.

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