George Soros Rises Above Glenn Beck’s Unprincipled Attacks

As a prominent investment expert in the public eye, George Soros attracts a lot of commentary from various parties. Fortunately, most people recognize the value of Soros’s contributions. As a philanthropist and an advocate for less-advantaged groups, Soros has demonstrated that he is an engaged, positively focused citizen.

Even in this relatively enlightened era, George Soros finds himself attacked by anti-Semitic voices. In some cases, this anti-Semitism is unvarnished. All too often, however, hateful critics use veiled anti-Semitic language fraught with sinister meaning. Glenn Beck is one example of a major national commentator who has attacked Soros inappropriately. Glenn Beck has consistently lambasted Soros using wild, conspiratorial language.

Even worse, Beck attempts to characterize Soros’s most amazing initiatives for change as evidences of some sinister conspiracy. Through his Open Society Foundations, Soros has supported a wide variety of pro-democracy institutions throughout the world. The capstone of Soros’s admirable social consciousness, the Open Society Foundations have concretely helped make the world a better place. It is shockingly ignorant for Beck to recast these pro-democracy achievements as sedition or coup plotting. Beck has even gone so far as to hint that Soros is planning some type of coup or revolution in the United States.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

Fortunately, most people are simply too well-educated to fall for Glenn Beck’s insane polemics. It is easy to see that by accusing a prominent Jewish citizen of prosecuting a sinister global conspiracy, Glenn Beck is following a long and infamous tradition. Tyrants like Stalin and Adolf Hitler peddled theories about a worldwide, Jewish conspiracy to destroy human freedom. It is patently wrong for Beck to follow this tradition using time-honored slurs against the Jewish people. Instead of honoring Soros for his accomplishments, Beck has demonstrated that he is unwilling to let the truth get in the way of his anti-Semitic, anti-modern ranting.

Even more shockingly, Beck has repeatedly alleged that Soros is guilty of anti-Semitism himself. Fortunately, Beck’s theories are so fanciful that most Americans do not take the right-wing commentator seriously. Even by the standards of theatrical right-wing radio personalities, Beck presents an example of undisciplined excess. Beck’s statements and demeanor are so extreme that one could easily compare the Glenn Beck show to professional wrestling. Unfortunately, millions of Americans listen to Beck and take him seriously. Beck’s paranoid, quasi-bigoted speech cannot hide the fact that George Soros is a great man and a great philanthropist. Nevertheless, people like Beck coarsen the public discourse and work against the accomplishment of important democratic changes.

Even if Glenn Beck is essentially a joke, his accusations against George Soros represent a dangerous trend in the American conversation. More and more often, popular commentators take the role of uninformed demagogues. These unpleasant voices manipulate the public and attempt to turn them against outstanding actors like Soros. In the years ahead, Soros will continue to use his Open Societies to promote anti-authoritarianism and stronger democratic institutions. Although critics like Beck will continue to misrepresent Soros, it is certain that Soros and his fellow travelers will rise above the criticism and continue doing good.

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