George Soros Donates Majority Of Wealth To Charity.

There has been a renewed focus in Washington D.C. over the past year to try and disenfranchise and demonize progressive philanthropists. Standing tall above them all is George Soros, a world-renowned investor in financial market as well as someone who has made a name for himself as a progressive philanthropist. George Soros was born and raised in Hungary but now lives in New York. In 1979, George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in order to try and network out charitable causes around the globe that focused on a few specific tasks: spreading humanitarian aid, pushing for social justice and equality, and fighting against oppressive governance.

Since the foundation was established, the OSF has donated nearly a full $14 billion to various grassroots foundations around the world. Now, it looks like the Open Society Foundation is getting an amazing boost and will be able to spread their work even further. George Soros was revealed, via financial disclosure documents, to have shifted the vast majority of his wealth into his foundation. What does this mean for the future of the OSF?

When Donald Trump began campaigning for President, many people laughed in their hands at the idea. Donald Trump was a reality show blowhard who bankrupted as many businesses as he had established and got by largely on his father’s money and name. Still, Trump exploded up the GOP ladder and in doing so secured the nomination for President. The world quit laughing and George Soros was chief among those who was stone-faced. Soros knew the real damage that populists fueled by hateful rhetoric could cause. After all, Soros was in Hungary for the beginning of the Nazi occupation.

It was upon Trump’s election to President that Soros began to seriously start setting up a path of resistance and a path to a brighter future. Soros would donate nearly $10 million in November of 2016 as a symbolic gesture, showing that the Open Society Foundations would stand tall against the hateful rhetoric that Trump was spewing. Then, Soros quietly shifted more than $18 BILLION to his foundation and this was only revealed thanks to financial disclosure reports. Soros was not attempting to cash in or give himself a pat on the back, he was simply doing the right thing.

Still, doing the right thing isn’t always that exciting — especially when right-wing media giants try to demonize you for it. Ever since Soros publicly spoke out against George Bush’s march to war in Iraq, he has been a prominent target for conservative politicians.

Soros has been labeled all sorts of things, including an evil mastermind who has done massive damage to conservative America. This is, of course, false. However, the way that the media has been weaponized to attack George Soros should say something about the general state of affairs. Still, George Soros is standing tall and fighting for his progressive values at home and abroad. His donation to the OSF stands to be one of the greatest donations in the history of philanthropy and the good it will do cannot be undersold.

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