Freedom Checks And Why They Are Worth The Investment

Freedom Checks is a phrase coined by the well-respected geologist Matt Badiali. Matt Badiali, a former Duke University, and the University of North Carolina geology instructor has been researching natural resources including the mining, energy, and agriculture industries for quite some time.

Badiali consequently discovered there are companies in the oil and gas industries that are essentially prospecting new gas and oil wells within the United States. Additionally, these companies are transporting oil and gas within the pipeline networks, and refining oil within sizable oil and gas fields right here in the United States. These companies are referred to master limited partnerships or MLPs. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

The investment of these master limited partnerships is a reflection of America’s goal of encompassing energy independence in the near future. There are approximately 568 master limited partnerships, or simply MLPs, that can distribute freedom checks to investors. The distribution of freedom checks is comparable to traditional stock dividends that are paid out on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Although the term “freedom checks” was just recently conceived, the actual investment was enacted in 1987 by Congress and if a master limited partnership meets the Statute 26-F requirements, the company is legally allowed to issue freedom checks.

Freedom Checks are definitely considered an investment especially compared to a standard CD or a general corporate junk bond. Investing the amount of $1000 to one freedom check opportunity can potentially yield up to $149,300 in capital gains and regular payments. Watch this video at Youtube.

As previously stated above, most MLPs are similar to traditional stock dividends, as they are paid out monthly or quarterly, but are respected as a return of capital instead of income. Therefore, investors of MLP’s are not required to pay income taxes on their investments. To be clear, however, some profit made from MLP investments are taxed, but at the lowest capital gain rate.

Investing in an MLP is seemingly as simple as purchasing shares in companies like Google and Yahoo, and the distributions are either mailed or deposited into a brokerage account. Furthermore, investing in some MLPs is possible even with a limited amount of money.