Fortress Investment Group: Merger Announcement

Fortress Investment Group is a leading investment management firm in the world with more diverse services in the field. It was founded in 1998 through the initiative of three principals who hold leadership position today in the firm. As of March 31, 2018, the Company has managed an approximate of $40.9 billion on behalf of the institutional and private investor clients across the world. They are over 1,750. Their services range from private equity, credit & real estate, and permanent capital investment approaches. The Investment Group operates from New York City but has other offices in various locations. Upon its founding, the primary service was private equity, but since then it has expanded their services to some investors in any capacity. It extended the services to include hedge funds, debt securities, and real estate investments. The company underwent massive growth between the year1999 and 2006 where the private funds counted to 39.7 percent.

Fortress Investment Group was the leading private equity firm to be traded publicly in the United States in the year 2007. The continued success labeled them the Management Firm and Hedge Fund Manager of the year. They are significantly recognized for their continued success and the ability to rise above the storms that face them. Early last year, SoftBank Group Corporation revealed that they were in the process of acquiring the Fortress Investment Group for a value of $3.3 billion. The acquisition was completed late within the same year in December. Currently, the Group is under the SoftBank Group; however, they continue to have their principals at work and remain in the same headquarters. The Investment Group will keep on operating as an independent business corporation with its offices in New York City.

SoftBank said that they are dedicated to maintaining the leadership, business brand, model, processes, personnel, and culture that has been in the Fortress Company making it successful thus far. Due to the acquisition, little changes will be witnessed. This includes the conversion of the Fortress Class A share into $8.08 per every share in the form of cash. Everything will be run according to the merger agreement that was made on June 7, 2017. The common stock under Fortress Investment Group will not be functional, as it will be delinked from the New York Stock Exchange. All the financial results for both firms will be linked together and reflect on the consolidated financial statements of SoftBank Corporation. The impact of the consolidation is yet to be announced by SoftBank.