End Citizens United Sets Sights on 2018 Congressional Races

End Citizens United was established by Tiffany Muller in response to the flood of dark money that has flowed in, perverting the American political system. Now, more than ever, politicians are beholden to special interests and those companies and millionaires that are willing to spend big in order to pervert the democracy that the United States was founded on. Many of these issues can be traced back to the 2010 Conservative Supreme Court decision that saw Citizens United loosen restrictions on campaign financing. This pivotal decision has absolutely destroyed the political system. Fortunately people are still fighting to get back and take control of their democracy and one of them is Tiffany Muller, president of the political action committee End Citizens United.


End Citizens United has the primary goal of making their name a reality. As we state above, the 2010 Supreme Court decision that saw campaign finance restrictions loosened has been destructive to say the least. Now, more than ever, politicians are being bought off with people who can afford to pay them. Republican Senators, in particular, are being paid millions of dollars to oppose green energy and other sorts of progressive causes — just as an example. While dark money is a problem on both sides, it appears to be a tool utilized by the right wing.


Still, it should be inspiring to know that a strong start to 2017 has made it more possible than ever for End Citizens United to make their name a reality. Through the first spending quarter of 2017 the team at End Citizens United has raised more than $4 million. The majority of these donations came from small time donors who just wanted to make their voice heard. Muller says that this is a form of fighting back, a rebellion against the Trump administration, and a yearning for a better political climate. There have been over 100,000 donors to this point in the year and 40,000 of them, or 40%, have actually donated their physical presence to supporting the cause and spreading the word.


Engaging in politics and changing the Citizens United ruling is not going to be easy. In fact, with Washington D.C. sitting in its most hyper partisan state yet, it could feel impossible. The only path forward is for End Citizens United to go ahead and help elect progressive politicians who are willing to put their political clout on the line in order to propose an amendment to get this job done. There hasn’t been a constitutional amendment since 1992 and it will take a huge progressive push to get one going forward. That is why the 2018 Congressional Election is so important for so many reasons. End Citizens United hopes to raise $35 million in advance of these elections.