Dr. Saad: The Benefit of Irrigation Suction Device in Performance of Endoscope

Dr. Saad’s fluid-suction device has been critical in performing various types of surgeries across the United States and other parts of the world. The irrigation-suction device is a technology that has been developed to rinse the endoscope when its lens has been blocked by the body fluids when the doctor is conducting pre-surgical procedures to determine how the inside of the body looks before one can perform the necessary process. Traditionally, the doctor was required to remove the endoscope from the body of an individual, wipe it, and then start the procedure of inserting it back into the body opening to see what is happening inside.


However, the traditional method of removing the endoscope and returning it after wiping is time-consuming and annoying as it forces the doctor to struggle once again trying to locate the original position where he/she had placed the endoscope. With Dr. Saad’s innovation, doctors don’t have to take their eyes away from the endoscope as they will be using the irrigation suction device to wipe out all the fluids blocking the lens. This means that the doctor will have ample time to view the inside of the body which will help him offer quality and exhaustive treatment.


Dr. Saad personally acknowledges that the endoscope technology has helped him to perform a significant number of surgeries where he has removed blocked food particles, needles, marbles, and other materials that children swallow as they play. The endoscope device has been highlighted as a useful innovation and a cheap one for that matter which all medical practitioners can easily access. The change is frequently used in different parts of the world because it is readily available, and one can use it even without additional training. The irrigation-suction device can easily be highlighted as the causes of success in the most recent surgical operations.


Since he started his career in the United States, Dr. Saad Saad has performed more than ten thousand surgeries, both in and out of the US. Most of the surgeries that he has performed have been on free missions where he has been offering the services to the children from the underprivileged families who could not afford to pay for the operations were it not for the assistance. Saad has also been very vibrant in leading the research teams in the quest to discover new methods to improve the healthcare sector. His discoveries have contributed greatly to restoring confidence to the patients who were always scared whenever they were to undergo an operation. They could worry about the likelihood of the operation resulting in complications on their health conditions. However, with the new devices that he has invented, the patients can rest assured that their health issued are in good control. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md