David McDonald Presents At Swine Day

Swine Day is an annual event for the producers of pigs and hogs. The event is held at the Iowa State University’s Scheman Building. Swine Day is a national event for companies and individual farmers who support the pork industry. Discussions are held on topics that can include how to raise the best protein enriched pork meat and how certain things impact its healthiness. Pork topics involved using antibiotics, the right water quality, sustainability, gene editing, risk management, cured meat plants and facility management systems. North American speakers and presenters are invited that own their own swine farms or are a part of the agricultural research industry. Swine Day consists of several concurrent sessions where those attending are listening to the latest in many customized swine programs, agricultural standards, and more.

Further topics for the June 2018 sessions involved the use of custom sperms, cybersecurity, and negotiating hog prices. Other topics include designing new barns and staving off mycoplasma pneumonia which is an organism that attacks the pig population with an infection that affects the lungs. A special presenter in June’s event was David McDonald of the OSI Group. David McDonald discussed the global future of the food industry. David is the President and COO of the OSI Group and he is a board member of the North American Meat Institute. Naturally, on Swine Day, barbeque is served by any one of the highest ranked BBQ grillers in the United States. The OSI Group is the leader of premier food products around the globe produced for the food service industry and the retail food brand named industries. The OSI Group operates for then 65 facilities in over 17 counties worldwide.

OSI has a goal to provide only high-quality custom foods. The OSI Group operates eco-friendly plants and creates many product solutions inspired by excellent chefs and experienced product developers. David McDonald knows a great deal about agriculture and farming because he holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University. Mr. McDonald has a 30-year career with OSI because right after college he worked as an intern. David McDonald and the OSI Group both have received many global awards for his leadership. The awards are generally given for best environmental service practices, as well as health and safety services. The British Safety Council’s Globe of Honor has been awarded to The OSI Group annually since 2013.