ClassDojo is Easily Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students

As our world grows more technological, educators and schools must find a way to incorporate more technology into school. They are looking for education technology (EdTech) that helps solve problems they are dealing with, has been tested and proven effective, and comes with a solid plan for implementation and adoption in the school. With nearly all schools online, EdTech is becoming a vital part of a school curriculum. The issue is that currently, 41 percent of educators feel that the EdTech they are using does not meet the needs of their students.

EdTech companies often make assumptions about what educators need, without actually going to talk to teachers or asking teachers to test their products. One of the most highly used products in K-8 school in the United States is ClassDojo, with an over 90% use rate. ClassDojo is also used in over 180 countries. ClassDojo’s co-founder, Sam Chaudhary, was instrumental in making ClassDojo a success. Sam spent countless hours talking and listening to parents, teachers, and students as ClassDojo was developed. Because of this commitment to talk to those affected by its use, ClassDojo is extremely popular.

ClassDojo solves the issue of communication between students, teachers, and parents. This allows parents to get updates anytime they want, and teachers to give parents information outside of parent-teacher conference times. Students can upload photos, videos, and messages throughout the day. Parents can access these can get updates on what their child is up to. Parents and teachers can also communicate directly throughout the school day as needed. Teachers can set the ClassDojo app to “Quiet Hours” so that parents know it is not a good time to try and contact them.

Teachers also have a ton of excellent resources right at their fingertips. ClassDojo can randomly assign students to groups, play music, display classroom directions for easy student access, show a noise meter to e4ncourage students to manage their own noise level, a timer, and a random student selector making it easy to pick student volunteers fairly. There is even a way to show announcements each day or a welcome message for the students.