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The Dallas Foundation Is Supporting The Family Place With A $1 Million Grant According To Highland Capital Management’s CEO James Dondero Highland Capital Management has been supporting nonprofit organizations in the Dallas area for more than 15 years. The investment firm founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada manage one of the most successful hedge funds in the industry. With more than $16 billion in assets under management around the globe, CEO Jim Dondero knows that producing better-than-average returns is a must in the hedge fund market today. The hedge fund industry has its fair share of return issues in 2016, but Highland Capital has been able to rise above the rest of the industry thanks to Dondero’s experience in the collateralized loan obligation segment of the business as well as his astuteness in the emerging market investing. Highland Capital is on track to produce double-digit returns in 2016, and Dondero has made sure that the giving arm of Highland Capital, the Dallas Foundation, is donating more money to nonprofit organizations than ever before. One of Dondero’s latest donation strategy is $ 1 million grant to the Family Place. The Family Place is a haven for victims of domestic violence. The Family Place has a Legacy Campaign every year, and this year The Dallas Foundation will match every donation given to the campaign in order to meet the $16.5 million goal. The Dallas foundation also supports the Dallas Zoo, the American Heart Association, Uplift Education, and the Perot Museum as well as several other nonprofits. Dondero recently announced that Linda Owen, a seasoned veteran in the nonprofit industry, is the new director of the Dallas Foundation. Owen was CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and the director of the Klyde Warren Park. Jim Dondero is serious when it comes to supporting Dallas nonprofits, and producing returns for his investors. The Family Place has been helping victims of domestic violence since 1978. The grant ensures more women and children have a place to stay when they need it most. Dondero, and the executive team at Highland Capital, personally donate time and money to the causes the Dallas Foundation supports. Jim Dondero leads by example, and that will never change according to a recent PRNewswire article. James Dondero’s $1 Million Grant To Help The Family Place Accomplish Its Capital Campaign Recently, James Dondero announced that Highland Capital Management has awarded a challenge grant of $ 1 million to assist The Family Place. It is a leading organization in Dallas, which supports family violence victims. Highland’s challenge grant is aimed at raising $2.8 million for The Family Place’s Legacy campaign. Dondero made the announcement at the Hilton Anatole during the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazers Awards Luncheon by The Family Place in Dallas, Texas. The grant is controlled by the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., which is Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic arm. It will match any funds raised by 50 percent for the Legacy Campaign. That is up to $1 million until April 2017. Since the announcement was made, The Family Place has raised an extra $200,000. That will be matched with $100,000 by Highland’s grant. The campaign’s goal is $ 16.8 million. Presently, the goal has a deficit of $2.8 million. Highland’s grant will ensure the organization completes the campaign strong. Dondero noted that the grant was a reaction to the request made by David Brown and Mike Rawlings for the community to solve the major issue in Dallas. The two serve as the Dallas Police Chief and Mayor respectively. According to James Dondero, the civic community in Dallas accomplishes things. They were impressed by how The Family Place works via avid charity support. The organization took the concept and implemented it in just one year. He added that Highland was honored to invest together with many of the most thoughtful in the society. The Legacy Campaign by The Family Place supports the development as well as the operations of a new family violence victims counseling center in Central Dallas. The Center is named in honor of Ann Moody. It includes a dental and medical clinic, 13 emergency shelter rooms, a centralized call center, job training spaces, and counseling rooms. Each year, the building will serve over 2,000 victims. This information was originally published on PRNewswire. About James Dondero James Dondero is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Presently, he lives in Dallas, Texas and serves the company as the president. Dondero is an expert in the credit markets. In over three decades, Dondero has made tremendous achievements in the credit and equity markets. In particular, He has helped shape the high-yield and distressed markets. He is very active in the area of philanthropy. Dondero supports efforts in veteran’s affairs, public policy, in addition to education. Dondero received his accounting and finance degree from the University of Virginia. Moreover, he is a chartered financial analyst and a certified management accountant. Reference link Highland Capital Management Reaches out Its Philanthropic Arm to Help The Family Place Raise $2.8 Million in Six Months Highland Capital Management is a who’s who in the alternative investment management world. As the 2016 year winds down, Highland Capital Management continues to make noise in the industry. It’s no secret that Highland has consistently been a company that helps those in need. Since it was established it has contributed funds to several non-profit organizations and charities on both a local and national scale. Most recently, the firm gave a challenge grant worth $1 million to The Family Place to help the agency reach it’s goal of $2.8 million, which it hopes to raise in the next six months for its Legacy Campaign. Simply put, whatever funds the the Legacy campaign manages to raise, Highland will match half of the funds up to $1 million until the six month deadline is reached. If The Family Place manages to raise the $2.8 million half a year from now, it will have finally met it ultimate fundraising goal of $16.5 million. The firm’s co-founder and President, James Dondero, announced the firm awarded the agency the challenge grant during The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. Since Highland Capital announced the grant earlier this month, it has already had to match more than $100,000. Which is the kind of results both The Family Place and Highland hoped for. Every dollar raised will go towards the building and establishing of a family violence counseling center in Dallas, Texas. The center will serve as a safe haven for victims of family violence, that will include emergency shelter bedrooms, a clinic, and counseling for children and adults. The Family Place began the project because its existing emergency shelter is bursting at the seems. The new center will be able to house over 2,000 victims, as well as pets. About James Dondero James Dondero has achieved a lot in the credit and equity markets. He has been a pioneer in the industry for more than 30 years. He is probably most known for co-founding Highland Capital Management. He also serves as the firm’s President. Dondero is the former chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. He helped the company grow exponentially in the short time he was there. Dondero left Protective Life in 1993.James Dondero Invests In A Campaign That Is Not Political These days, many individuals and companies alike are investing in political campaigns. However, there are individuals, like James Dondero, investing in organizations with high values and organizations that want nothing more than to better their communities. James Dondero, through Highland Capital Management, recently invested into The Family Place. The Family Place, based in Texas, is an organization that helps individuals all over the state that have been victims of abuse. This can be any form of abuse, and it can be man, woman, or child. Some of the services provided by The Family Place include things like counseling, housing, financial and food relief, credit counseling, and so much more. Additionally, after people are helped, The Family Place stays in contact with these individuals. They are not just sent back off to again end up in an abusive situation. Like all companies that exist to help the community, The Family Place needs donations to survive. They have released information that over the next several months they are going to try and raise over two million dollars. During this time period, James Dondero has agreed to contribute up to 50% of every dollar that is given to The Family Place. James Dondero was helped as a child in Texas by community organizations. He believes this is the least he can do to help his community. James Dondero loves the state of Texas, and he wants to do all he can to make sure it flourishes. James Dondero was fortunate enough to get a quality education from a few well-known learning institutions. He used the knowledge he obtained to start Highland Capital Management. This is a public investment firm. Before Highland Capital Management became public, James Dondero used this company for government purposes. It was here that James saw how the government would invest money into organizations that helped the community in a variety of ways. Not making a whole lot of money from the government, James places his company in the public arena. It was here that he began to make enough money to invest into amazing organizations like The Family Place. Highland Capital Management: a Business Entity with a Strong Philanthropic Wing Highland Capital Management through Highland Dallas Foundation has donated $1 million to the Family Place to help victims of domestic violence. Family Place, an organization that strives to assist and rehabilitate victims of violence, launched this campaign with the hope of raising $16.5 million. With only $2.8 million remaining to reach the target, Highland Capital has demonstrated its unrelenting support to ensure that the money required is raised. According to Dondero, this initiative was a plea by Mike Rawlings, Dallas Mayor and David Brown, Dallas Police Chief to support victims of domestic violence. With Highland Capital on the forefront of donating the money, this campaign aims at building a counseling center for the victims. Corgan architecture firm will design the center, and it will include a clinic offering medical and dental services, emergency shelter bedrooms, and hotline center and counseling rooms. The facility will also have an animal shelter for families who are unable to leave their homes for fear of living behind their pets. Dondero’s background and work experience James Dondero is an Accounting and Finance graduate from the University of Virginia. He is a Certified Management Accountant, and over the years, he has earned the right to use Chartered Financial Analyst Designation. Dondero has been working in the credit and equity market business for the last three decades. He began his career in 1984 at Morgan Guaranty training program where he worked as an analyst. Between 1985 and 1989, Dondero was as a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst for the American Express. Dondero worked as the chief investment officer for GIC subsidiary for almost four years. His vast professional experience led him to establish Highland Capital Management firm in 1993. However, this was a joint effort with Mark Okada, who currently holds the position of Chief Investment Officer at Highland Capital. Mr. Dondero serves as the board member of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and American Banknote. He is also the chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and Nexbank. He is a philanthropist; he supports veteran affairs, education, and public policy. Dondero’s firm (Highland Capital) also supports many non-profit organizations through its corporate charity wing, the Highland Dallas Foundation. The original version of this article is available on PRNewswire: Dondero Invests In A Campaign That Is Not Political

Highland Capital Management is a who’s who in the alternative investment management world. As the 2016 year winds down, Highland Capital Management continues to make noise in the industry. It’s… Read more »