Cassio Audi’s Impressive Early Music Life

Cassio Audi was a well-renowned musician in his early life. He was born and raised in Brazil. In the eighties, while in his teen years, Cassio had a slot as a drummer in the Viper band, a popular Brazilian brand that specialized in metal rock music. The group was formed in 1985 consisting of five members namely; Andre Machos, Filipe Machida, Yves, and Pitt Passarell where each member had a responsibility. He was known for his drumming skills that helped spread the band’s fame across Latin America.

Cassio’s passion for rock music was attributed to his love for a British band that was famous in the eighties. Despite being a skilled drummer, Cassio gained skills in composing music. The band released their first album consisting of songs such as Killera. He wrote a song that featured in the album Soldiers of Sunrise which was an official album and was launched in 1987. The group went ahead to produce another album Theatre of Fate which was released in 1989. The two latter albums received a great reception from their fans. Theatre of Fate was unique with a touch of classical music exposing Cassio’s talent in composing songs. In a bid to popularize their music, the Viper band went for world tours to perform and showcase their talents. Cassio helped the Viper Band move from struggling to market their music to airing exciting performances that helped them gain massive following worldwide.
However, in 1989 Cassio left the band and decided to go back to college to study business administration at Pontifical Catholic University. This was after the major success in his musical career after the third album’s release. He later upgraded his academic papers after joining Sao Paulo University for an MBA in finance. Despite this, Cassio remains legendary in the Brazilian rock music industry.