Call Aloha Construction For Your Home Repair Needs

Aloha Construction is serious about what they do, and they strive to deliver the best service at all times. Aloha Construction has over 18,000 completed projects under their belt in the Midwest, and they aren’t stopping there. Aloha Construction specializes in roofing, siding, gutters, and many other projects that need to be done around the home. They also provide financing so if you are caught off-guard, you don’t have to worry-they’ve got your repairs covered. They are a company that is reliable and has many years in the business.

Aloha Construction always goes through an extensive inspection process and will find any and all issues with your roof. They will also help you to find the solution for your roof needs and will supply a 10-year warranty to cover the work that their contractors do. Gutters and downspouts are very important if you want to ensure that your home stays dry and protected and they do that too. Aloha Construction will ensure that your gutters and downspouts are working properly and will maintain them if they are not doing their job. They also install doors and windows and can even replace screens.

Keeping your home properly maintained can be a big task, but Aloha Construction can help. It is important to do in order not only to keep your home looking nice but to also reduce electric and gas bills and to ensure that your home is a safe environment to live in.

All of their employees are thoroughly trained and professional, and they will do their best to provide you with great service and efficient repairs. Their contractors are not only trusted, but they are bonded as well. They are capable and equipped to work with many different materials including but not limited to Hardee Board, Fiber Cement, Aluminum, Wood, Face Brick, and Stucco. It is always recommended to go with vinyl siding though since it is much easier to keep looking great with minimal maintenance.

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