Billy McFarland- intelligent, ingenious and creative

The intelligence that Billy McFarland used to come up with the Magnises card is remarkable. His creativity as an entrepreneur enabled him to come up with a new platform. Clients can enjoy professional networking with discounts and offers from several brands.

The experiences have been made to match the needs of every customer. The experience that comes with the Magnises card includes excellent dinners, private members only dinners, fantastic art and dinners prepared by perfect chefs.

According to recent news reports, Billy McFarland is a creative online entrepreneur. At the age of 13, he started an outsourcing company that matched designers to clients. He later went to Bucknell University in Pennsylvania to study Computer Engineering. He dropped out from the university in the first year to start a company known as Spling. Spling is an online advertising firm where Billy serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

According to INC, Billy McFarland started the Magnises card after he felt that the millennial generation was ignored. The older generation predominantly used the American Express Card. For young millennials, they had no card that could assist them to connect. Billy McFarland created the smart black card to help millennials to come together.

Billy is a top entrepreneur and executive within the United States. He is often named among the youngest people to successfully start a venture capital for his business. After creating Spling, McFarland turned his attention to millennials with the Magnises Card. The card has helped millennials receive several credit card perks.

The whole idea of the black card came about during a discussion with his friends. McFarland discussed the various offers he has received from debit card and credit card companies. The group agreed that there was a market gap for millennials. He decided to create a card that could connect millennials to other brands and companies.

The Magnises black card is different from the traditional credit card. The card comes with a community membership and perks offered by its 50 partners. In a bid to keep the card accessible, Billy McFarland and his team have made the annual fee as low as possible. All that one needs is a simple application form and a phone interview to access the card.