Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Spreads The Tech Gospel

Jason Hope, one of Arizona’s most successful tech entrepreneurs, has many notches in his belt. From a young age, the innovator was always fascinated by all things scientific. He regularly read magazines such as “Popular Science”, “Wired” and even medical journals like “The Lancet”. This intent focus on the tech world would serve him well.

After Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance, Hope founded Jawa, a premium mobile content provider. Jawa enabled its customers to download their favorite songs and ringtones to their mobile devices from anywhere in the United States. This all sounds fairly pedestrian today. But it’s worth noting that Mr. Hope was doing this in the late 90s, long before most people even carried cell phones. In fact, Mr. Hope created one of the first and largest mobile content providers in the country, years before even Steve Jobs got involved in the mobile content market.

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Mr. Hope went on to create a number of software companies, mobile app developers, SEO firms and even a charitable foundation. Being right about tech has been how he has made his living. So it’s always worth paying attention when he has something to say about an up-and-coming technology.

Recently, Mr. Hope has taken to the internet, guest blogging and writing articles about what he thinks the tech world is going to look like over the next five to ten years. Currently, he is getting the word out about the immense transformative power that the Internet of Things is going to have on people’s everyday lives.

Hope sees this new perfusion of information systems into every facet of life as potentially being even bigger than the industrial revolution. He believes that the total elimination of menial tasks is just around the corner and that the Utopian freedom from labor promised in the 19th and 20th centuries by advancing technology is now within reach.