Ara Chackerian: From Businessman to Philanthropist

Ara Chackerian is a serious businessman. His executive level profile is littered with years of operational experience. He has served as CEO of BMC Diagnostics, Executive Vice President for PSS/World Medical, Executive Chairman for PipelineRX, and currently holds the title of Executive Chairman for TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian is also the Managing Partner for ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. As is the Tao of many a successful business, with success comes the ability to give back, and Chackerian is doing that in more ways than one. Although he made his mark as a top-level investor and businessman, Chackerian’s lasting impression will be his noted philanthropy.

Ara Chackerian is an ardent supporter of advancement in all fields of medicine. For the past two decades the businesses he has invested in have shared a common goal. Each of them is dedicated to revolutionizing the world of healthcare. His latest endeavor, TMS Health Solutions utilizes transcranial magnetic stimulation in an effort to improve treatment for various mental disorders. Chackerian’s investments allow new methods and treatments to find their ground. Many, like TMS, wallow in mires of red tape. Chackerian believes in letting doctors be doctors, and invests in the passion of the people dedicated to the product. His contributions may very well change the very face of healthcare in the U.S.

His philanthropy also extends to supporting numerous non-profits, and funding youth projects in Armenia, Nicaragua, and the U.S. Over the last decade his generous donations have enriched the lives of many. He is responsible for funding organizations like JUMA Ventures, CREA Nicaragua, and Nor Luyce. Chackerian is also giving back to the environment through investment in Limonapa. Limonapa is a teak plantation in Nicaragua that focuses on re-forestation. An ardent supporter of the environment as well Chackerian hopes Limonapa will be able to rebuild the Nicaraguan rain forests. Through his generosity Chackrian not only seeks to make the world a better place, but is willing to spend money to make it that way. You can search on Google for more.

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