Andrew Rolfe Enhances The Success Of The Ubuntu Education Fund

Under the transformative leadership of Andrew Rolfe, the Ubuntu Education Fund has been able to support more than 400,000 disadvantaged children. When they started operations, the organization zeroed in on education. With the passage of time, the management of the Fund realized that these children and their families could not access healthcare facilities. To this end, the Fund started offering them with nutrition and healthcare services.

Recently, the Ubuntu Fund organized a gala dinner in London. Renowned philanthropists and socialites were among the 300 guests who attended the event. Even though it took the entire night, the organizers of the event said that they succeeded in surpassing their target of £600,000. The management said that they would use the money to expand their school campus, which is based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In addition, a substantial amount would be used to build a pediatric clinic within the school compound. This way, the Fund will be in a position to enroll many disadvantaged children from the local area.

The guests enjoyed their meals and music. In addition, some of the people who made inspiring speeches include the founder of Ubuntu Fund, Jacob Lief, and a beneficiary of the organization, Sinesipho Rabidyani. Jacob posited that in the past 20 years he has been providing disadvantaged children with a variety of services to enable them grow up and pursue their respective careers. Sinesipho talked of how as a child she hated going home owing to her father’s drinking problem. To this end, she worked hard in school and got good grades. This way, she became one the Ubuntu Education Fund’s scholars. Recently, she was accepted at a renowned university to pursue law.

Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is a proud alumnus of Harvard University and the University of Oxford. His extensive education background has played an integral role in enhancing his leadership skills. The chairperson of the Fund also serves as the managing director of TowerBook Capital Partners. Here, he zeroes in on acquisition of different companies and seeking for various investment opportunities in the United States and Europe.

Rolfe has worked for The Gap as the chief executive officer. He has also been a senior employee of Pret A Manger. Under his leadership, these corporations managed to succeed in the competitive global market.