A Look into the Early Music Career of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is an established finance executive who works tirelessly to bring positive changes to the industry. However, Cassio Audi didn’t begin his finance career at a young age. Before venturing into the finance industry, Audi was an active member of a music band. According to Cassio Audi’s portfolio, his early days were full of excitement and lots of fun. While still a youth, Audi had the chance to start a successful career in music and a prominent rock band.


Cassio Audi’s Rock Band Members

Years ago, Cassio Audi met Yves Passarel, Andre Machado, Pit Paddarel, and Felipe Machado. They collectively agreed to start a rock band. Roles were allocated according to someone’s talents and by 1985; the band was already making music. Cassio Audi’s responsibility in the band was playing drums. He took his drumming role seriously and performed exceptionally in all performances. Cassio Audi’s dedication to his drumming role earned him a lot of respect from band members, fans, and the music industry at large. A renowned heavy metal music band known as Iron Maiden greatly inspired Cassio Audi’s rock band. Over the years, Iron Maiden has maintained his great follower base and is among the most respected rock bands in the industry and read full article.

The first album from Cassio Audi’s successful rock band was The Killer Sword. It received lots of attention particularly from the younger people immediately after release. The Killer Sword had several trucks most of them being hits. After a while, the band released Soldiers of Sunrise and people loved it. Audi’s music career proved his expertise in the drum sets. The band was headed for great things despite the various criticisms. Due to their achievements and contributions to the music industry, the band received a couple of awards. After some time, Cassio Audi abandoned his music career and ventured into the finance industry and learn more about Cassio Audi.