A Great Combination of Talent and Energy: Brown Agency Fits the Bill

The Brown Agency is creating excitement in the fashion world. The combination of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South has combined the talent and energy of the fashion world in Central Texas with the commercial media world. Modeling is still the primary focus, but actors and actresses gain opportunities that they wouldn’t have received before now.

The main goal of the Brown Agency is to give its talent more opportunities to shine. They believe that their agency is only as good as their talent. The founders knew that this combination would increase exposure of their talent to potential clients. The full service feel is what delights clients and talent. The expectations are that prepping talent for the next market level is a smart investment.

Both Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South had excellent reputations for promoting the best and most dependable talent. For clients looking for exceptional talent, the Brown Agency fits the bill. The agency works with clients needing models, actors and actresses for a variety of venues. Models with the agency have worked on the New York Fashion Week runaway and the Dallas Fashion Week runaway. Actors at the agency have worked on local commercials and in various television series.

Austin, Texas was where Justin Brown decided to start his agency. He wanted an agency that wasn’t too big but offered many of the perks the talent expected. Austin offered a challenge for Brown to make his mark in the commercial field.

Austin is growing and is no longer a town with just local campaigns. National companies are realizing that Austin does have the talent they are looking for to represent their brands.

An important part of what it takes to be a part of the Brown Agency is the willingness to work hard. Talent agencies do expect that those who shine in front of the camera provide their best for the clients. The camaraderie that goes on behind the scenes is a bonus. For the talent it is the feeling that the agency will go to “bat” for them that drives them to work for Brown Agency.

The Brown Agency has opportunities in the commercial field with advertisements and corporate videos. Models at the agency often get opportunities in New York and Los Angeles to be featured in a fashion show. Actors and Actresses are provided with opportunities in theater productions in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

The fact that clients now have the opportunity to pick the best talent is what makes this a great combination. Clients understand that all talent is thoroughly screened and vetted before they become available.

Models, actors and actresses are provided with many opportunities to shine when they sign with the Brown Agency. Visit blog.brownagency.co